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Advanced Control panel, EN grade 2, 8 - 64zones, 8 areas, small metal housing
The Advisor Advanced product line is the latest offspring from the Advisor CD and Advisor Master product lines. Its heritage consists of well established functions and features of the Advisor series, but it also has been designed to meet the challenges posed by future trends. Communication standards are currently changing. Communications are moving away from PSTN networks towards wireless and IP networks. So, importantly, this product line can accommodate different communication options thereby offering long-term flexibility, reliability and availability. The Advisor Advanced products can be configured locally through an onboard USB port. Based on the Advisor CD user interface this allows for a rapid familiarity with the system yet new features are easy to learn. There are both quick and full menu browsing facilities available. A built-in "hint" key provides easily accessed help about the options so the user can quickly become familiar with the menu structure. Approvals in Europe start to converge to one standard: EN50131. The new Advisor Advanced product line is designed with EN50131 compliancy as a standard. Using existing ATS accessories (keypads, readers, expanders), Advisor Advanced panels provide for a reliable system with a wide range of options to extend its functionality. Automatic hardware enrollment quickly adds devices.
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