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Air Sampling Unit
The DD860 air sampling unit is designed for use with conventional or addressable smoke detectors. It enables smoke detectors to be sited in ventilation extract ducts to assist in the prevention of the spread of smoke by the ventilation system (as required by some building regulations) and to form part of the fire alarm system. Fire systems incorporating smoke detectors in air sampling units should comply to standards such as BS5839: Pt1: 1988 or locally accepted codes of practise. A duct smoke detection system should not be used as a sole method of detecting fire.

The air sampling unit enables smoke detectors to monitor ventilation ducts without subjecting the detectors to high air velocities which could alter their sensitivity.
The DD860 works by sampling the air from the duct through a black perforated inlet probe into its sampling chamber, which could contain a conventional or addressable, ionisation or optical smoke detector. The air is removed through a white exhaust probe. The design of the probes and sampling chamber is arranged so that the air passes through the sampling chamber at approximately 25% of the air speed of the duct.
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