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Access Control Systems - AUX Access Control Equipment
Whenever your installation needs to have multiple monitored alarms, the IC1604 is the perfect solution. With 16 supervised inputs, the IC1604 is able to meet the requirements of any site, and with the use of extension boards, or by linking multiple IC1604’s together, it is possible to monitor hundreds of alarms in real-time.

Like the rest of our controller range, the IC1604 boasts a real-time clock, extensive memory and the ability to make autonomous decisions with connection to a computer.
The 16 inputs are supervised, so the controller knows immediately if an alarm has been triggered, a switch activated or even if any of the connecting wires have been cut.

With the use of plug-in extension boards and satellites, these can be expanded to 24 alarm inputs, and 64 relay outputs. LEDs indicate the status of alarms, relays and communication. The onboard memory can hold up to 40,000 cardholders and 4,000 individual events, whilst the flash firmware can be easily upgraded to support future advancements in technology.
Key Features:
  • 16 Inputs, 4 Outputs
  • LED Diagnostics
  • Stand-Alone Operation
  • Removable Terminals
  • Redundant 2nd Bus Option
  • Local Reflexes
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